Share Structure

Common Shares



Stock Options







   March 8, 2023




   March 19, 2023




   June 29, 2023




   Feb 28, 2020 (1)




Feb 28, 2020 

Fully Diluted


*As at March 29, 2019

(1) These warrants expire on Feb. 28/20 subject to abridgement of the exercise period on an occurrence of a Trigger Event.  At any time after the expiry of the four month hold period, the Company may abridge the exercise period of the Warrants in the event (the “Trigger Event”) that the closing price of the Shares is greater than $0.25 for five or more consecutive trading days provided that (a) the Company gives notice of the Trigger Event by way of a news release, and (b) the earlier expiry date is a date which is not less than 30 calendar days after the date of such press release.

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